MICO, Inc. has drawn on its background of over sixty years of rugged hydraulic brake design and manufacturing for heavy equipment and ten years of electrohydraulic braking expertise to design the latest generation of intelligent electrohydraulic braking systems – MOBEUS (Mobile Onboard Energy Utilization System).

Heavy Mobile Equipment efficiency, reliability, and safety have made greater progress in the last decade than the entire previous century. Much of that evolution has been driven by the integration of electronics into overall machine design including hydraulic components and systems.

The MICO® MOBEUS family of braking components utilizes the integration of electronics to create improved performance and efficiency for braking on and off-road machinery.

The MOBEUS line of products include a complete range of sensors, actuators, valves, controllers, and software, all designed to work seamlessly together inside the vehicle network.

The safety and reliability that Antilock Braking (ABS), Traction Control, and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) brought to the automotive industry in the past are now available to off-highway equipment builders.

MICO® MOBEUS products are designed to provide a more controlled braking experience for drivers while operating their mobile machinery. ABS decreases the probability of wheel lock-up during braking and can increase the stability and steer ability of the vehicle during a braking event. Traction Control provides intelligent control of wheel spin to assist a vehicle in slippery or difficult terrain. Stability Control uses sensors to measure yaw rate and the centrifugal forces a vehicle encounters while turning and assists in corrective action to stabilize the vehicle.

MICO® MOBEUS provides operators with greater predictability by offering similar features to their personal automobiles, making these larger vehicles respond in a familiar fashion. Another benefit is potential cost savings which can be realized with decreased tire wear due to the intelligent braking provided by ABS. Also, ESC can reduce vehicle instability, potentially reducing likelihood of vehicular rollover and damage.

In today’s world, the demands for increased technology and improved performance are always growing. MICO® has responded to the need for hydraulic intelligent braking with the MOBEUS electrohydraulic braking system. The future is now. The future is MOBEUS.

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Application Data Sheet - Electrohydraulic Trailer Brake (Form Number 80-950-232)

This sheet is used for Electrohydraulic Trailer Brakes.

MICO uses application data sheets to collect machine and/or vehicle information specific to an application. They are also helpful for understanding the environment and manner in which the machine/vehicle will be operated. Our Engineering Department uses application data sheet information to select suitable brake components that are designed to meet your application needs.

MICO holds this information in strict confidence. Your machine/vehicle information is strictly for application assistance and will not be sold or shared with anyone outside of MICO, Incorporated.

MOBEUS (Form Number 80-950-276)

MOBEUS Brochure

MOBEUS (Spanish) (Form Number 80-950-280)

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