Multiple Disc Brakes


MICO Multiple Disc Brakes are fully enclosed units that use coil springs and multiple friction discs to produce braking torque. These brakes are applied by coil springs and released using hydraulic pressure. Maximum brake torque is achieved when hydraulic release pressure is zero. These brakes are self-applying in that any function which reduces hydraulic release pressure will begin to initiate brake clamping force.


Compact modular package simplifies mountingDesigned for adverse environmental conditionsSpecifically designed to prevent piston cocking and low and high torque pressure dragBroad range of variants and mounting configurations including industry standard configurations


Multiple Disc Brakes
Ideal for primary, emergency, and secondary braking

MICO Multiple Disc Brakes are fully enclosed and built for use in demanding conditions.


Heat treated steel shafts for high strength and longer life

Broad range of variants: dry, sump fluid, and flow through fluid design

Broad range of mounting arrangements,  industry standard configurations SAE, DIN, and NEMA compliant

Multiple Disc Brakes
Designed & Manufactured for Demanding Environments

MICO Multiple Disc Brakes are manufactured using high strength dectile iron housings with nitrile case and shaft seals to keep outside contaminates from entering the brake.

Available in SAE A, B, C, or D mounts with torque ranges from 113 to 2825 N-M (1000 to 250,000 lb-in) and release pressure from 6.9 to 34.5 bar (100 to 500 PSI).


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