Export Control Information and Declaration

Products which ZF Off-Highway Solutions Minnesota Inc. produces may be controlled under U.S. export control laws or regulations.  Your recent request for a quotation from ZF Off-Highway Solutions Minnesota Inc. is for a part or component, including technology and software, (“Product”) that was specially designed for use with military equipment that may be included on the U.S. Government’s Munitions List (“USML”) or otherwise controlled.  Accordingly, such Products are more stringently controlled by the U.S. Government for export control purposes and a license may be required in connection with the purchase and use of those Products.  In January of 2014 the President of the United States determined that certain auxiliary and miscellaneous items relating to USML listed equipment no longer warranted control on the USML and shifted jurisdiction and control over the exportation of such items to the Department of Commerce for control under the Export Administration Regulations (“EAR”).  Many ZF Off-Highway Solutions Minnesota Inc. Products, although used on articles controlled on the USML, are now controlled under the EAR.  The net result in this shift in control is to eliminate or modify the licensing process for certain ZF Off-Highway Solutions Minnesota Inc. Products depending on the type of Product, the country in which the Product will ultimately be used or the nationality of persons to whom the Product will be disclosed.  For purposes of compliance with U.S. Foreign Trade Regulations, customs regulations, export controls and sanction programs, ZF Off-Highway Solutions Minnesota Inc. requires that the information requested below be disclosed at the time of quotation and/or order for all Products.


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We will not process your request if the information requested below is not furnished to us.
By selecting "Yes", you hereby certify that the products subject to your request for quotation or order, is/are for domestic use only, and are not being purchased for sale or export outside the United States and will not be transferred or disclosed to anyone other than in compliance with U.S. law or regulation.
Will the product be used for
Rocket system, ballistic missile, space launch, sounding rockets, unmanned air vehicles
Maritime nuclear propulsion, use on foreign vessels on aircraft, cameras
Have you reviewed the lists of specially designated terrorist groups, terrorists, nationals or entities and other lists of prohibited end uses or end users maintained by the U.S. Government, including the Office of Foreign Assets Control regarding restrictions upon or transactions with individuals or entities identified in such lists?
By signing below you certify that all of the facts contained in this statement and any attached schedules are true and correct to the best of your knowledge and you do not know of any additional facts that are inconsistent with the above statement or information provided herein. You further represent and warrant that the Products subject to your request for quotation or order will not be exported, re-exported, sold or transferred in violation of: (a) the EAR; (b) ITAR; or (c) applicable U.S. sanctions and embargos or other applicable U.S. or foreign laws or regulations.
ZF Off-Highway Solutions Minnesota Inc. will not process your request for quotation or order if the information requested herein is not furnished to ZF Off-Highway Solutions Minnesota Inc.