1946 - Minnesota Automotive, a division of A. T. Hansord of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is incorporated. Their offices are located in Minneapolis and they own the patent rights to a two-stage hydraulic power brake cylinder. G. J. "Mac" McGrath starts working as District Sales Manager.

1947 - Minnesota Automotive, Inc. acquires all stock from the Mankato Industrial Company (MICO) located in Mankato, Minnesota. The Mankato Industrial Company manufactured machined parts, many of which had been used by the military during World War II.

1949 - Minnesota Automotive, Inc. dissolves the Mankato Industrial Company operating both the Minneapolis and Mankato facilities under the corporate name Minnesota Automotive, Inc. with MICO as the brand name. 


1950 - The Minnesota Automotive, Inc. facility was moved to Mankato and consolidated with the Mankato operation. G. J. McGrath becomes Sales Manager. "MICO" is trademarked.

1952 - Hansord estate sells Minnesota Automotive, Inc. to G. J. McGrath and others.


1960 - G. J. McGrath becomes sole owner of Minnesota Automotive, Inc.

1965 - The Minnesota and Blue Earth Rivers flood the Minnesota Automotive, Inc. facility in Mankato. Operations are quickly relocated in multiple locations throughout the Mankato and North Mankato areas. ALMICO, Inc. is founded in California to provide faster and better service for Minnesota Automotive, Inc. West Coast accounts. The facility will serve as the West Coast warehouse and assembly plant.


1974 - The entire Minnesota Automotive, Inc. operation is brought together under one roof in North Mankato. General Finishing building is remodeled and an addition is completed to make room for the entire Minnesota Automotive, Inc. staff. Minnesota Automotive, Inc. also acquires a licensing agreement to manufacture and sell a number of full power braking components from Bendix Corporation.


1980 - Minnesota Automotive, Inc. builds a 21,600 square foot manufacturing addition.

1982 - Minnesota Automotive, Inc. changes its name to MICO, Inc.

1985 - MICO, Inc. announces the acquisition of Sy-Tec, Inc. a manufacturer of mobile and industrial multiple disc brakes, clutches, and associated products. MICO West (ALMICO, Inc.) moves to a new and much larger facility in Ontario, CA.

1986 - MICO, Inc. creates a joint venture with Australian Brake Controls, to distribute MICO products and services in Australia.


1990 - MICO, Inc. expands production facilities in North Mankato.

1997 - MICO, Inc. sells its interest in Australian Brake Controls (ABC). MICO, Inc. creates a joint venture in South Africa as MICO SA, to distribute MICO products and services in South Africa. North Mankato facility achieves initial ISO 9001 certification.


2002 - G. J. McGrath steps down as President of MICO, Inc. but continues to serve as Vice President and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

2003 - MICO, Inc. announces complete electrohydraulic braking package.

2006 - MICO, Inc. opens a new manufacturing plant in Empalme, Sonora, Mexico.

2009 - North Mankato facility achieves initial ISO 14001 certification.


2011 - MICO, Inc. opens a new facility in Shakopee, Minnesota dedicated to electrohydraulic development.

2012 - MICO, Inc. launches the MICO MOBEUS® (Mobile On Board Energy Utilization System) family of electrohydraulic brake components. MICO implements new brand identity.

2016 - MICO celebrates their 70th Anniversary. WABCO Acquires MICO; emerging as first and only supplier of complete pneumatic and hydraulic brake control systems for off-highway vehicles worldwide.


2020 - ZF, which acquired MICO, a WABCO company. on May 29, 2020, now has 162,000 employees worldwide with approximately 260 locations in 41 countries.  MICO contiues to practice Engineering Excellence.

2021 - MICO, Inc. changes business name to ZF Off-Highway Solutions Minnesota Inc. and MICO brand transitioned to ZF.