Product Literature Binder (84-950-003)

The MICO Literature Binder is an excellent cross section of MICO product literature. It includes the MICO product guide, main product catalogs, and a number of product brochures. This binder is available here on our Web Site, in USB flash drive format, and in hard copy.

The USB flash drive version also includes all of our application data sheets, Web Site, email links, and a company profile video.

Please keep in mind that our online version, here at the Web Site, will always have the most up-to-date literature.

General Information
Number Date Description
80-950-073 1992-07-01 Technical Paper - Hydraulic Brake Systems and Components for Off-Highway Vehicles and Equipment
80-950-098 1993-08-01 Technical Paper - Full Power Hydraulic Brake Actuation Design Considerations
80-950-074 1992-10-01 SAE Technical Paper - Reverse Modulating Brake Valves, Circuit Design Considerations and Applications
80-950-205 1999-11-10 Technical Paper - Brought to a Stop IVT Article
80-950-006 2021-09-01 MICO Product Guide
84-950-025 2021-09-01 Application Illustration
Brake Actuators
Number Date Description
80-460-034 2010-09-24 Brake Actuators for OEM Drive Axles
80-460-033 2011-08-22 Hydraulic Throttle Controls
84-460-001 2012-07-31 Hydraulic Remote Actuators Catalog
84-460-006 2015-08-20 Air/Hydraulic Actuators Catalog
84-460-007 2012-06-13 Boosted Master Cylinders Catalog
81-460-259 2018-07-23 Remote Actuator Service Instructions
Brake Cylinders
Number Date Description
80-100-001 2014-09-24 Hydraulic Slave Cylinders and Wheel Cylinders Product Guide
84-001-001 2015-02-18 (Online Version) Hydraulic Master Cylinders Catalog
Brake Locks
Number Date Description
80-690-001 2013-12-09 691 Electrohydraulic Brake Lock System
80-950-152 2021-02-15 Brake Lock Application Guide
80-950-056 2014-03-05 Hydraulic Brake Locks - Dual Cable Lock
80-620-004 2021-08-19 Brake Lock Electric Activated
80-950-013 2014-03-06 Hydraulic Brake Locks Promotional Sheet
SP18052 2019-01-18 MICO Brake Locks Brochure
Brake Valves
Number Date Description
80-463-010 2011-08-11 Integrated Accumulator Charging Valve/Pump Package
80-463-015 2006-11-06 Check Valve Assembly
80-460-051 2010-12-07 Hydraulic over Air Relay Valves
84-463-001 2012-08-31 Accumulator Charging Valves Catalog
84-466-001 2019-12-11 (Online Version) Hydraulic Brake Valves Catalog
Disc Brakes
Number Date Description
80-565-001 2005-07-06 "C" Mount Hydraulic Apply, Spring Release Clutch (wet)
84-515-535 2015-10-22 (Online Version) Caliper Disc Brakes Catalog
84-500-001 2022-01-12 (Online Version) Multiple Disc Brakes Catalog
81-950-016 1998-10-14 81-950-016 Burnishing Procedures
Number Date Description
80-100-031 2012-04-19 Electrohydraulic Brake Valve EBV-S12 Series
Fluid Reservoirs
Number Date Description
80-920-001 2014-03-05 Fluid Reservoirs
In-line Check Valves
Number Date Description
80-080-001 2009-01-16 In-Line Residual Check Valves
Pressure Testing Devices
Number Date Description
80-740-001 2013-11-07 Quadrigage™
80-740-005 2012-10-23 Digital Pressure Gauge
Number Date Description
80-580-011 2007-01-22 Pressure Differential Switch
80-950-011 2013-12-09 Pressure Switches
84-580-001 2014-04-01 NASON Switch Catalog