Accumulator Charging Valves

MICO Accumulator Charging Valves offer energy efficient charging cycles reducing operating costs that improves the proficiency of your application.


Improves efficiency by having no continuous drain of oil to reservoirIntegrates easily into the hydraulic braking systemNo secondary fluid source requiredVariety of pressure ranges between high and low limites available in order to reduce pump cycle time


Providing Reliable and Efficient Engery System Management

With over 40 years of proven designs, the accumulator charging valves are built for heavy-duty mobile equipment. Used in open center and load sensing hydraulic systems, these valves can include various options such as a relief valve to limit main hydraulic system pressure.


Single Accumulator Charging Valve
Charges Accumulator in a Hydraulic Brake Circuit

Designed for installation in open center hydraulic systems, these valves use an internal spool valve to control hydraulic system flow to pressurize an accumulator.


Flow rates to 113 I/min (30 gpm)

Remotely mounted from brake valves

Supplies oil to an accumulator from an open center circuit on demand at a preset rate

Dual Accumulator Charging Valve
Charges Accumulator in a Dual Hydraulic Brake Circuit

These valves monitor accumulator pressure and control hydraulic system flow to pressurize accumulators from two independent accumulator ports.


Load sensing options available

Uses power developed in the main hydraulic system

Built-in relief valve to limit the main hydraulic system pressure 

Accumulator Charging Valve With Relief
Single and Dual

The function of these charging valves with relief is the same as either the single or dual charging valves above. However, a main hydraulic system relief valve is incorporated.


Accumulator Charging Valves with Load Sensing
Single and Dual

Load sensing charging valves send a load sense signal to a load compensated pump creating energy efficient circuits. The charging function is the same as the single or dual charging valves, and is used in load sensing hydraulic circuits.


Universal Charging Valve

The MICO Universal Charging Valve provides the custom configurations features of a manifold block with the high performance of a cast valve housing to create common solutions across multiple machine platforms.

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Custom Engineered
Accumulator Charging Valves

MICO custom engineers products for specific applications that meets or exceeds customer specific requirements. Contact a MICO representative for your custom solution today.

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