Caliper Disc Brakes

Providing Reliable and Efficient Energy System Management

With over 45 years of expertise in hydraulic disc brake technology, MICO Caliper Disc Brakes are ideal for industrail machines and mobile equipment applications. Designs include mechanical apply, hydraulic apply and spring apply/hydraulic release. These robust designs have high pressure apabilities for hydraulic oil or brake fluid applications.  There are three different series of MICO Caliper Disc Brakes available.


Installed independednt of dynamic or static brake systemIdeal for industrial machines and mobile equipment applicationsDesign available in mechanical apply, hydraulic apply and spring apply/hydraulic release 



515 Series Caliper Disc Brakes
Floating Design

515 Series brakes are a floating type design, and mounted over a rotor disc using either pins or shoulder bolts.
One side of the caliper is actuated to provide clamping force.


Available for hydraulic, spring or mechanical apply

Fixed or floating desings

Designed to provide service, parking and/or emergency braking

520 Series Caliper Disc Brakes
Fixed Design

MICO 520 Series Caliper Disc Brakes are a fixed type design.
Each side of the caliper contains a piston that actuates to provide clamping force.


Mounted stationary, or "fixed" relative to the rotor

Available with various diameter actuation piston

Uses a modulated hydraulic pressure source to control brake torque

530 Series Caliper Disc Brakes
Floating Design with Belleville Springs

MICO 530 Series Caliper Disc Brakes are a floating type design that uses belleville springs to apply the brake and hydraulic pressure to release it.

One side of the caliper is actuated to provide clamping force. Hydraulic apply models also available.


Custom to application requirements

Large toruqe range capability in off-highway applications

MICO Caliper Disc Brakes
The Solutions For Your Application

MICO Caliper Disc Brakes are ideal for providing primary, emergency and secondary braking. Designed for applications in the agriculture, contruction, mining, airport suppoert and forestry industries.


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Application Data Sheet - Caliper Disc Brakes (Form Number 80-950-022)

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MICO uses application data sheets to collect machine and/or vehicle information specific to an application. They are also helpful for understanding the environment and manner in which the machine/vehicle will be operated. Our Engineering Department uses application data sheet information to select suitable brake components that are designed to meet your application needs.

MICO holds this information in strict confidence. Your machine/vehicle information is strictly for application assistance and will not be sold or shared with anyone outside of MICO, Incorporated.

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