Brake Actuation

The most demanding off-highway applications require brake components with the best stopping credentials. ZF has an extensive portfolio of brake actuation including Master Cylinders, Slave and Wheel Cylinders, Remote Actuators, Two Fluid Actuators, Air/Hydraulic Actuators, and Brake Locks.


Air/hydraulic actuators are designed to take advantage of available pressurized air sources to produce higher hydraulic pressures. They can be especially useful for towing self-propelled hydraulic brake vehicles when the towing vehicle is equipped with air.

Boosted-two fluid actuators are designed for use on vehicles that are equipped with other hydraulic power devices. This will normally eliminate the need for a separate power brake unit or separate hydraulic fluid system.

Remote actuators are designed to perform several functions. When used with two master cylinders, hydraulic actuators prevent transfer of fluid from one system to another. Hand and pedal operated actuators can also be used as a master cylinder or prime mover. Linkage operated actuators allow you to mount your own pedal or lever arrangement to meet the specific needs of your application.

Pressure intensifiers are ideal for applications where a low-pressure source is available and a small displacement of high-pressure hydraulic fluid is required. Drive axle actuators are designed for use with a variety of CNH (New Holland) drive axles.

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