Pressure Switches

CUstomizable to meet specific application requirements

Pressure switches activate a warning which stays on until the brakes are released. 

Resistant to high pressure spikesVariety of models with fluid capability to most applicationsTechnology for off-highway brake control applications 


Pressure Switch
High Pressure Piston Style Switch

The ZF Pressure Switches have a robust design specifically for use in hydraulic industrial construction applications. They can be wired for normally open contacts, closed contacts or both.


Heavy-duty industrial construction

Pressure setting range from 250 PSI to 3500 PSI

Monitors hydraulic pressure and either opens or closes an electrical contact at a predetermined pressure

Pressure Differential Switch
High Pressure Spool Style Switch

The ZF pressure differential switch is designed to monitor the differential pressures in split braking systems of large heavy duty machines. It is a replacement for automotive style switches that tend to give a false warning when usied in high pressure applications.

Ability to customize pressure specifications to a specific application

Heavy-duty compact design for hydraulic oil systems


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Related Product Information

Application Data Sheet - Pressure / Vacuum Switches (Form Number 80-580-006)

This sheet is used for Pressure and Vacuum Switch applications.

ZF uses application data sheets to collect machine and/or vehicle information specific to an application. They are also helpful for understanding the environment and manner in which the machine/vehicle will be operated. Our Engineering Department uses application data sheet information to select suitable brake components that are designed to meet your application needs.

ZF holds this information in strict confidence. Your machine/vehicle information is strictly for application assistance and will not be sold or shared with anyone outside of ZF.

NASON Switch Catalog (Form Number 84-580-001)

A 48-page catalog that covers the entire NASON Switch Product Line. There are separate sections on low pressure, high pressure, vacuum, temperature switches, and transducers. Each section features, specifications, a dimensional drawing, and order information. Also included in this catalog are media connection listings, media compatibility listings, electrical connection options, conversion tables, and application data sheets.

Pressure Differential Switch (Form Number 80-580-011)

This 2-page Product Bulletin features a product description, benefits, and specifications. There is also a dimensional drawing.

Pressure Switches (Form Number 80-950-011)

Four-page product sheet provides a technical presentation of the MICO high-pressure surge resistant switch. Principles of operation, model numbers with specifications, and exterior dimensions are included.

ZF Off-Highway Product Guide (Form Number 80-950-006)

This is our introductory catalog for ZF Off-Highway Solutions Minnesota Inc. products. It provides product photos and brief descriptions of the product portfolio offerings in brakes, brake actuation, valves, and controls.