Two-Stage Master Cylinders

MICO® Two-stage Master Cylinders are integrally designed to incorporate the advantage of a large piston for fluid volume and a small piston for high pressure. Transfer from the volume piston to the pressure piston is accomplished by means of a metered pressure relief valve.
Two-stage master cylinders are commonly used on equipment that require larger volumes than provided by conventional master cylinders.

Related Product Information

Application Data Sheet - Brake Cylinders (Form Number 80-001-026)

This sheet is used for Master Cylinder, Remote Actuator, Two Fluid Actuator, Air/Hydraulic Actuator, and Pressure Intensifier applications.

MICO uses application data sheets to collect machine and/or vehicle information specific to an application. They are also helpful for understanding the environment and manner in which the machine/vehicle will be operated. Our Engineering Department uses application data sheet information to select suitable brake components that are designed to meet your application needs.

MICO holds this information in strict confidence. Your machine/vehicle information is strictly for application assistance and will not be sold or shared with anyone outside of MICO, Incorporated.

Hydraulic Master Cylinders Catalog (Form Number 84-001-001)

A 36-page catalog designed to help you better understand the different types of master cylinders MICO has to offer. Each group of cylinders include a specifications chart and exterior dimensional drawing.

Technical Paper - Hydraulic Brake Systems and Components for Off-Highway Vehicles and Equipment (Form Number 80-950-073)

Ten-page technical paper. Topics include non-boosted and boosted brake actuation circuits as well as full power hydraulic brake systems.

This paper was presented at the International Fluid Power Exposition and Technical Conference.